As has become so popular, my base of operations is home, centrally located on the Boise Bench. While I have had formal office space several times over the years, I always end up back at home. Since I don't have employees, it is simply more efficient and keeps overhead low. And virtually all of my shoots take place on-location, so maintaining a costly studio space is a waste of resources.
Just me! However, the production industry is very collaborative, usually with multiple individuals bringing their own distinct disciplines to bear on the final product. That's where producers, like me, come in.
I do not. Such awards are usually reserved for those producing content for entertainment purposes.
100% Windows shop, leveraging the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps to perform post-production tasks.
I'm afraid we do not. We usually recommend or if you need to rent gear.
We do not. This type of service requires specialized equipment in order to fulfill orders efficiently, and the market is continuously shrinking as more and more people "go digital", and shoot their family photos and home movies on their phones and other portable devices. Years ago, there were a number of local companies that provided this kind of service, and there may still be a few. But online scanning services are quickly becoming the only alternative, and unfortunately, you have to send your priceless originals to them.
While we are certainly happy to help with corporate events, we don't have experience shooting weddings, private gatherings, etc. There are many skilled professionals in this discipline and their websites are easily found by doing a web search or looking through event planning indexes.
Music video production falls more under the arts & entertainment side of the film & video production world. Search for music video producers/production, and you should find a good fit.
Much like the music video question above, this falls under the arts & entertainment side of film & video production. However, there is a growing community of independent filmmakers in the area, and most are very willing to collaborate and help one another with their film projects. Idaho does not currently have a "film" office. Contact the Idaho Tourism Bureau.
Production companies that frequently perform spec work have created their business model around the risks and rewards that stem from those kinds of projects. The Imagery Lab simply isn't positioned for such endeavors.
Airing something on TV can be a complicated process. And unless you are an organization wanting to advertise on local/regional TV, it is a type of production that happens mostly in New York or Los Angeles. That said, if you are a small business wanting a local TV spot, most of the TV stations will produce a commercial you can air for free, assuming you purchase sufficient airtime from them.